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Special Purpose Machines
  Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with Discharge Pump     Supervac 3/6/8 – Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  Dust Collectors VN40/80/100     Texvac – Textile Vacuum Cleaner
  WAPSQ 690- 3M/B1      
  Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with Discharge Pump

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with Discharge Pump
Special Discharge pump fitted with chassis for applications where the suction of liquids is continuous and tank has to be emptied automatically.

  • Heavy Water handling in atomic power stations.
  • Coolant collection and removal from lathe machines.
  • Other continuous liquid removal applications.

Dust Collectors VN40/80/100
Collection of dry dust at any source on operations such as metal grinding, tablet manufacturing, wood cutting, powder packaging etc.
  • Universal dust collection attachment.
  • Adaptable to surface grinders/tool cutter grinders.
  • Five axis movement of universal attachment.
  • Easy positioning of mouthpiece for optimum dust collection.
  • Minimum floor space required.
  • Elimination of dust upto 20 micron particle size with fabric filter.
  • Optional mini cyclonic separator for very fine dust.
Supervac 3/6/8 – Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Collection of metallic chips from machine tools and floors
  • Collection and conveying of powders
  • Collection and conveying of welding flux
  • Collection of liquids such as oil and mercury

Texvac – Textile Vacuum Cleaner
Collection of cotton flux from textile mills
  • Large container 100LT for cotton fluff/yarn collection in large quantities.
  • Powerful vacuum producer.
  • Trolley mounted for high mobility.
  • Extra long hose pipes and special accessories for extended reach in the cluttered layout of textile mills.
WAP SQ 690- 3M/B1

Safety Vacuum Cleaners - Handling of Inflammable Dust

Ideal for use in metal, chemical, spirits or pharmaceutical companies. Ignition Source Free Drive and special B1 accessories prevent ignitions due to sparking. Automatic On Off System for electrical or pneumatic tools Large Volume Stainless Steel tank

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